SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY is a new division of Special Advocates for the Elderly and Disabled DBA IKOR of Western Pennsylvania. The Solutions for Dignity programs were designed to provide preemptive programs to support dignity, independence, and quality of life for Seniors, Individuals with Disabilities, and Children with Special Needs.

The gaps in the systems of care in our country are not easily navigated or recognized until there is a crisis. Crisis in care and routine living areas of life is the single most contributing factor to the loss of dignity, independence, and quality of life.

After supporting our clients in crisis for almost 10 years, we’ve created six programs to help those we serve to avoid a care or routine living related crisis. These innovative programs help our clients, their families, and the Financial and Legal professionals who already support them to integrate care and routine living concerns into their planning process. As clients needs require a little more support, we help to address and navigate changes throughout the remainder of of their lives to support independence, maintain dignity, and enhance the quality of life.

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SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY PROGRAMS are a collection of customized preemptive programs that were designed to help Seniors, Individuals with Disabilities and Children with Special needs to avoid crisis, navigate complex care, insurance concerns, public benefit programs, and many other areas to maintain dignity and enhance quality of life.

What makes the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY PROGRAMS different and unique from most providers of Life Management Services is that we have developed comprehensive programs that help our clients plan for and understand complex care related concerns to prevent or at least minimize crisis. We understand the value of an integrated multi-faceted care and medical advocacy model supported by legal and financial inputs to preserve the quality of life and dignity for seniors, adults with disabilities and children with special needs.  We have witnessed over and over again the vulnerabilities that have far reaching financial and legal complications that unaddressed needs related to chronic conditions, catastrophic illness, or injury can have.  As a result of  helping hundreds of clients navigate complex and difficult situations, we  designed these programs to help prevent a medical setback or a loss of skills and abilities from becoming a full-blown crisis.

To help our clients and avoid such disastrous outcomes, the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY PROGRAMS evolved based on our desire to address the needs of those we support at every phase of the aging process. As the ability to live independently becomes more difficult, we help our clients navigate the subtle nuances of change through the following stages:

  • Independence 
  • Interdependence 
  • Dependency 
  • Crisis management
  • End of life

During the independence self- sufficient stage, most people can manage their needs and affairs on their own, including transportation, finances and regular daily living tasks. Unfortunately, declines in physical, mental, or cognitive health overtime can challenge our ability to perform day to day tasks, such as paying bills and managing home maintenance. Over time not addressing this type of concern can lead to complicated situations that increase the risks for a crisis to occur. In our work our team has  helped a multitude of clients in the Crisis Management phase. The Crisis Management phase is complicated, stressful and expensive to resolve.  We have also found that if we had been involved in earlier phases, to educate or monitor situations, that most crisis situations could be avoided or minimized. Supporting clients in the crisis management phase is hard for us too. We lay awake at night worrying about situations in our clients lives, and that is what lead to the creation of the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY PROGRAMS.

SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY supports all phases from pre–retirement through the end of life through a proactive individualized process. Our objective in the development of the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY PROGRAMS is to act as the smoke detector, instead of always being the fire department.

SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY PROGRAMS can begin with education and a deep dive into an individual or couples’ vision for aging, with discussions about what defines Dignity for them in Pre-Retirement in the Planning for Dignity Program.  Aging at Home with a Plan or the Safety Net Program helps those who might need a little more assistance with maintaining independence with instrumental activities of daily living and managing home maintenance. The Preserving Dignity Program supports those who need more assistance in a care community or group home setting to address unmet needs and transitions that communities do not offer.

Safety Net Program - couple with Down Syndrome

Activities like purchasing personal items or clothing, paying bills, talking about problems or concerns they might have, or addressing medical areas by having an RN Advocate familiar with their medical needs visit community or the hospital during an illness to assist with hospital discharges to an appropriate skilled or acute rehabilitation setting or another level or type of care. In addition to servicing individual interests, the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY PROGRAMS also provide Wealth Advisors, Trustees and Attorneys support, insight and recommendations on ways to support their clients in these areas. We help other professionals to build the bond with their clients and to create a legacy of care as they plan for long term care in combination with financial and legal areas. Planning for Dignity and Boots On the Ground provide professionals with customized programs and resources to support their clients in areas outside of their core legal or financial expertise. The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY Home Maintenance Program offers individuals, legal and financial professionals a team of dedicated experts to refer to support their clients around care and to protect their investment in their home as they Age at Home in a well-maintained home for as long as possible. 

Solutions For Dignity Programs

Safety Net Program

Designed to support anyone who can live independently with a comprehensive customized plan. The Safety Net Program combines IKOR's Life management services along with a technology based offering to monitor, communicate, and provide socialization as well as remind the individual of tasks they need to complete while providing peace of mind to caregivers when they cannot physically be there to check on their loved one.

Planning for Dignity Program

Designed to support those in pre or early retirement phase of life to educate seniors and create dialogue about their vision for aging and what good care looks like. We help seniors anticipate what they might need and to understand what good care looks like and might cost based to their individual medical and financial circumstances. The Planning for Dignity program focuses on what Dignity means to the individual and helps seniors to understand all the elements of long-term care and the costs associated with aging well to come up with a comprehensive plan.

Preserving Dignity Program

Designed to support those living in a senior community or group homes. The Preserving Dignity program helps seniors, individuals with disabilities, and family members who live at a distance, to navigate unmet needs in Senior Living Communities or group homes. This program helps to manage medical areas, psychosocial and financial areas, and support with hospitalizations and discharges to skilled rehabilitation and return to the facility or to another level of care.

Boots On the Ground Program

Designed to support Fiduciary Professionals, Wealth Advisors, Trustees, and Attorneys as they support their clients in their respective professional areas. As a trustee, financial advisor, estate, or elder law professional you have a sense of your client in legal and financial areas. We help professionals to have a support system to address care and routine living areas that impact financial and legal areas. We support with in person visits and assessment tools to address needs that might otherwise go unmet. We are experts in determining needs and expenditures of Special Needs Trusts, navigating insurance concerns and understanding public benefits to make certain that all resources are being utilized for the best interest of the client.

Aging at Home with a Plan Program

Designed to support seniors who want to age in place. We have helped hundreds of clients work through complicated concerns caused by aging and disability related concerns. We are aware of where the mind fields are located in the aging process. We educate seniors, assess the home environment for safety concerns, address medical, psycho-social, environmental and routine financial areas that might lead to risks that could reduce quality of life and dignity. We provide ongoing support to help our clients avoid care related crisis as they age in place with an individualized and comprehensive plan.

Home Maintenance Program

Designed for those choosing the lifestyle option to age at home. The Home Maintenance Program supports our clients as they remain in a well-maintained life and home for as long as possible. Quarterly or monthly home visits with a handyman to complete our Home maintenance checklist to look for areas that need to be addressed. From changing lightbulbs, heating and cooling filters, dryer vents, gutters and down spouts and much more. The Handyman partners will also address bigger concerns as needed or report back to anyone we work with to support the client. This program is designed to support seniors, the disabled, and to help maintain Trust owned proprieties.

If you have questions about how Solutions For Dignity might best support a senior, an adult with disabilities, or a child with special needs in your life, call the office today for a complimentary consultation to learn more about us.

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