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There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they're falling in. 

 - Desmond Tutu

There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they're falling in. 

 - Desmond Tutu

As a result, unraveling complex medical and care-related concerns for our clients since 2011, the programs within SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® Brand Programs were created to support quality of life and best interest of older adults, individuals with disabilities and children with special needs.

Care related concerns evolve through five phases: 

  • Independence
  • Interdependence
  • Dependance
  • Crisis Management  
  • End of Life

 Over the years we recognized that more than 80% of our clients would come to us in the Crisis Management Phase.  We couldn’t help but to feel that we could make a significant difference in the lives of those we help if we were only involved sooner.  To help older adults and individuals with disabilities to avoid the cost crisis management phase we designed comprehensive solution-focused programs to be a proactive, individualized process to reduce risks and minimize crisis in care and routine living areas of life.

The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® programs were developed to help individuals, and families and the professionals who support them (legal, financial, medical, and family) to minimize risks and maintain dignity, quality of life and best interest without compromise through end of life.

What is the Cost of Crisis in Care?

Avoiding a crisis in care can include medical, psychosocial (social, cognitive, and mental health) elements. There can be safety concerns or a need for a change in the environment or living situation because of an inability to manage home maintenance concerns.  A care crisis can have far a reaching financial impact when bills are not paid on time and taxes are not addressed. We’ve walked into and have sorted through many complex crises, and often by the time we are called in, most of these areas of life have significant concerns. It’s not uncommon to be called in for a problem in one area of life and find that many areas of life are already in shambles and compromised. It’s overwhelming and devastating for our team to work through preventable situations had we been called in sooner. 

The foundation of SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® is to offer preemptive programs to avoid or minimize complicated crises from evolving into a loss of dignity.  Having the ability to plan is an invaluable way to prevent a crisis that can spin out of control quickly. A crisis always reduces the quality of life, independence, and dignity. Unmanaged health and routine living concerns can make a considerable financial impact as well. 

While it is difficult to quantify the true cost of a crisis, a conservative estimate of traceable costs in managing care-related crises can easily exceed $35K in a year to effectively resolve a complex care-related crisis. Each SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® program is designed to offer a cost-effective system to reduce risks and avoid care-related crises to improve quality of life without compromise.

How Do the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® Programs Help Clients Avoid a Crisis?

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The six SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® PROGRAMS provide customizable systems to support dignity, independence, and quality of life for our clients, their families, as well as the Financial and Legal professionals who already support them.  As our clients’ needs require a little more support, we help address and navigate changes throughout their lives to support independence, maintain dignity, and enhance life quality.

Our objective in developing the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® PROGRAMS is to create a system of compassionate care and support with routine touch-points to act as the smoke detector instead of always being called in as the fire department.

Select From Our Wide Range of Programs that Best Meet Your Needs


Explore our selection of programs tailored to suit your specific needs. Our SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® Branded Programs cater to both Individuals and Families, providing essential support for their loved ones. We also offer valuable assistance to Financial Institutions, Legal, Financial, and Medical Professionals, allowing them to better serve their clients through collaborative efforts encompassing care and essential daily living routines. To learn more about these comprehensive programs, we encourage you to contact our office today. 

Individuals and Families

Safety Net

Support for anyone living independently. The Safety Net Program is a limited contact program to offer guidance and resources to prevent crisis and assist with transitions of care and hospitalizations. This program can combine IKOR of Western Pennsylvania’s Life management with a technology-based offering to monitor and maintain communication to provide peace of mind to caregivers when they cannot physically be there to check on their loved one.

Aging at Home with a Plan

Designed to support older adults who want to age in place. The Aging at Home with a Plan Program provides support through assessment of home environment for safety concerns, address medical, psycho-social, environmental, and routine financial areas and the development of a comprehensive plan to maintain independence and dignity at home for as long as possible.

Preserving Dignity

Designed to support older adults or individuals with disabilities living in a senior community or group homes. The Preserving Dignity Program provides an advocate level of care in medical, psychosocial, and financial areas to address needs unmet in these communities. Will eventually include visits with therapy dog visits.

Home Maintenance

Designed for those choosing the lifestyle option of Aging at Home with A Plan the Home Maintenance Program supports our clients to remain in a well- maintained life and home through the services of a trustworthy resource for as long as possible.

Financial Institutions, Legal, Financial and Medical Professionals

Boots On the Ground

The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® Boots on the Ground Program powered by IKOR of Western Pennsylvania is designed to support individuals working with Fiduciary Professionals, Wealth Advisors, Trustees, and Attorneys in their respective professional areas. As we have supported individuals working with professionals for over a decade, we recognize that quality of life and the best interest are intended and written into most Trust Documents. However, these intentions often need clarification and are challenging to define. The Solutions for Dignity Boots on the Ground Program powered by IKOR of Western Pennsylvania provides a cost-effective yearly assessment and routine touch points to address care and routine living areas of life, offering professionals a standard best practice to assure the quality of life and the best interest of their clients and beneficiaries.

Planning for Dignity

The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® Planning for Dignity powered by IKOR of Western Pennsylvania is designed for early-retirement individuals and the financial professionals supporting them. The Planning for Dignity Program helps individuals define their vision for aging. We offer education on the levels of care and options for senior living based on their medical and financial circumstances. We help them and financial professionals develop a comprehensive long-term plan for aging to deliver what good care looks like, with their financial plan, on their terms—creating a legacy for care and dignity, not only a financial legacy.

Home Maintenance

The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® Home Maintenance powered by IKOR of Western Pennsylvania is designed to support the maintenance of one of your client's most significant assets. The home maintenance specialist is not a repair person; he reviews and documents routine maintenance through a comprehensive home maintenance checklist, changes light bulbs and furnace filters, drains water heaters, adds tree root chemicals to drains, etc. He will report to Trustees, or Family Members concerns the checklist uncovers. He will coordinate bids from contractors and schedule the contractors who do the more important things when needed. The Home Maintenance Program allows aging or disabled individuals to remain in a well-maintained life and home through the services of a trustworthy resource.

If you have questions about how SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY® might best support a senior, an adult with disabilities, or a child with special needs in your life, call the office today for a complimentary consultation to learn more about us.

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