Boots On the Ground Program

Add Value to Your Clients’ Lives and Support your Organizational Goals around the Silver Tsunami with SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Boots On the Ground Program

As the aging population grows rapidly, the so-called Silver Tsunami presents unprecedented challenges for the legal, financial, and care-related industries. At IKOR, we understand that addressing these challenges requires specialized, proactive support that upholds the highest standards of quality of life and aligns your organization with best practices to support your aging clients. Our SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Boots on the Ground Program is specifically designed to enhance your service offerings by seamlessly integrating specialized social workers and registered nurses into your practice. We work with you to create a customized program that integrates a care-related perspective into your practice and alleviates the cost and experience-related burden of hiring, training, and maintaining additional staff in areas that are not your primary expertise.

Elevating Practice with Specialized In-Person Care Management

Originally launched as an assessment initiative, this program has evolved into a comprehensive, proactive in-person care management service, tailored for professionals in the legal, financial, trust, and medical sectors. We provide direct “Boots on the Ground” support to your clients in their homes or hospitals, proactively addressing care-related concerns to prevent potential crises.

Professional Life Management Services

  • RN Advocates, Personal Needs Coordinators, and Social Workers: Our team actively manages care-related issues, focusing on unmet needs, enhancing quality of life, and ensuring all actions serve your client’s best interests.
  • Financial Advocates: Experts in managing routine bill payments and providing educational support around special needs trusts, thereby enhancing your service offerings.
  • Home Maintenance Specialists: We address maintenance needs for trust-owned properties and the residences of elderly clients, ensuring environments are safe and comfortable.

Supporting Vulnerable Adults and Children with Special Needs on Behalf of Professional Fiduciaries and Trustees

As a professional fiduciary advisor or trustee, understanding how care and routine living concerns relate to a clients’ life can feel overwhelming and uncertain. Working as a fiduciary advisor is not just about managing money and approving expenditures; it’s about assuring the quality of life and acting in your client’s best interest. Your duties are distinct and demanding. Quantifying best interest and well-being is an important part of making decisions: However, how do you quantify well-being and define the quality of life for those you support?

What if you had a solution to quantify the quality of life and well-being and at the same time minimize crisis in your vulnerable client’s lives? Would it be helpful to have a way to guide and support your vulnerable clients and their families as they age or when you need to support an individual with disabilities or a child with special needs?

The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Boots On the Ground Program provides expertise, oversight, and resources to support you and your clients in care-related areas. Our program works to assess needs, review public programs, address medical and care-related concerns preemptively to avoid, or if need be, resolve the challenges in the event of a crisis.

The Boots On the Ground Program was designed to include routine visits by our highly skilled life management professionals with a yearly assessment. It includes short and long-term goals related to well-being and quality of life, creating significant added value and assurance to your client and your practice. The Boots On the Ground Program helps you position your firm as an organization focused on a holistic approach to creating dignity and quality of life for your clients.

Program Benefits

  • Comprehensive Care Planning: Utilizing our Planning for Dignity Program to support your team and clients in the retirement planning phase to anticipate and prevent potential crises.
  • Detailed Assessment Services: Assessing daily living activities, and medical, psychosocial, and environmental conditions, complemented by comprehensive reports providing actionable insights.
  • Preventive Care Visits: Regular in-person visits ensure ongoing monitoring and crisis prevention.
  • Quality of Life Monitoring: Continuous evaluations improve the functional status and living conditions of aging, disabled, and special needs clients.
  • Public Program Optimization: Enhancing the use of public programs, with a focus on Special Needs Trusts.
  • Hospital Discharge Coordination: Ensuring smooth transitions from hospital to rehabilitation to home.
  • Long-Term Care Planning: Strategic planning for future care needs.
  • Transition Support: Assisting with transitions to senior or disability care communities or selecting appropriate in-home care.
  • Concierge Services: Simplifying document signing with notary and witness services.

Additional Services to Consider

  • Medication Management: Comprehensive assessments and management of medication regimens.
  • Home Safety Evaluations: Identifying and mitigating potential safety hazards.
  • Nutritional Support and Meal Management: Tailoring services to meet specific dietary needs.
  • Transportation Coordination: Organizing transportation for essential activities.

This customizable program is designed to provide comprehensive, proactive care management tailored to meet the unique needs of your team and your clients, enabling legal and financial professionals to integrate specialized care team members seamlessly without the overhead of full-time employees.

Trust Organizations and Special Needs Trust Providers

The SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Boots On the Ground Program offers crucial support to trust organizations and providers of special needs trusts by managing the comprehensive care needs of beneficiaries. Our Care coordinators offer you a best practice solution for Quality of Life and Best Interests with support and occasional oversight of daily living needs, enhancing your knowledge of care-related areas and reducing some of the administrative burden on trustees based on concerns that are not your expertise. We also have experience and insight into public program providers and using public programs to better support your clients. The program supports proactive health management and property maintenance, ensuring trust assets are preserved and beneficiaries’ quality of life is enhanced.

Estate and Elder Law Attorneys

Estate and Elder Law practices benefit from our specialized in-person care management services, which include assessments of clients’ medical, psychosocial, and environmental needs. This integration helps attorneys better understand their clients’ circumstances, leading to more informed care-related decision-making and tailored estate planning. Our program also includes concierge services for notarizing documents and coordinating witnesses, simplifying legal processes for clients who may have mobility or health issues.

Wealth Management Organizations

For wealth management firms, the SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Boots On the Ground Program acts as an extension of your team, focusing on the holistic well-being of your clients. By addressing the non-financial aspects of life management, including daily living activities and home safety, our program allows wealth managers to provide a more comprehensive service. Also, our Solutions for Dignity Planning for Dignity Program offers your clients and your team members a comprehensive approach to understanding long-term care, and its costs so they are making financial decisions instead of emotional decisions around long-term care.  This approach not only helps in building deeper client relationships with your clients and their families but also assists in long-term planning and the preservation of wealth across generations.

Care Providers who do only Telephone Consultations

Our program complements telephone-based care providers by offering “Boots on the Ground” support, which is critical for clients who require more than what remote consultations can offer. By providing in-person assessments and interventions, our RN Advocates and Social Workers can manage care needs directly, bridging the gap between telephone consultation limitations and actual client requirements in their living environments.

Are you interested in adding value to your practice areas by providing your clients with the support they need to maintain their quality of life?

To learn more about how the SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Boots On the Ground can add significant value to your organization for your client’s welfare, call our office today at (855) 456-7972.

Are you interested in adding value to your practice areas by providing your clients with the support they need to maintain their quality of life?

Take a moment to download the SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Boots On the Ground fact sheet for more details on the program. To learn more about how the SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Boots On the Ground can add significant value to your organization for your client’s welfare, call our office today at (855) 456-7972 and download the SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Programs Brochure for Institutions and Professionals.

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