Supporting Vulnerable Adults and Trust Beneficiaries in Combination with Professional Fiduciaries and Trustees

As a legal or financial professional, a fiduciary, or trustee, addressing care and routing living concerns can be a daunting responsibility for individuals with disabilities or for your clients as they age.

For example:

  • You have a legal and ethical responsibility to manage your client’s financial interests and often those interests are impacted by medical and care-related concerns that are outside of your expertise.
  • As a trustee, the judicious management of a client’s assets is required for the sole purpose of maintaining the beneficiary’s quality of life. Defining quality of life is often ambiguous and includes high demands for health and social care.

The Boots on the Ground program was designed to support and complement professionals as the support in legal, and financial areas as fiduciaries and trustees.  This program helps you to support your clients to maintain the dignity and of quality life, as you address legal and financial areas.  Our medical and care-related professionals help you to manage your clients’ needs around care and routine living concerns. Our team members have worked with all types of trust beneficiaries and we are highly skilled at supporting the specialized needs of Special Needs Trust and their beneficaries.

The Boots on the Ground program provides you and your clients with:

  • Highly Skilled Advocates who understand medical and mental health concerns. We work to assess functional abilities making routine visits, we to help navigate medical, psychosocial,  home maintenance, insurance concerns, eligibility for public programs, and other care and routine living areas of life.
  • We work alongside you and add a personal and caring touch to the financial services and legal services that you provide.

The Boots on the Ground program was designed to help legal and financial professionals from finding themselves in crisis situations with their clients.  Boots on the Ground helps you to ensure that your clients are not becoming vulnerable to predatorial behavior or a significant decline in medical, cognitive, or mental health concerns, or a decline in the care of their dwelling or in their routine living circumstances.

How does Boots on the Ground help me support my clients?

 Boots on the Ground is a customizable program for fiduciary and trustee professionals who support aging clients or individuals with disabilities.  The Boots on the Ground Program provides assistance with your clients, while you can remain focused on your important core responsibilities. Our first step is to get to know your client. A member of our Life Care Management Professional Staff most often a Registered Nurse meets with each client at least yearly to conduct an assessment of their needs. We complete a comprehensive Life Management Assessment Plan (LMAP) and listen to gain insight into how we can help you to support their best interests and enhance quality of life and dignity.  The assessment focuses on:
  • Activities of daily living as well as instrumental activities of daily living and functional abilities
  • Medical, psychosocial (cognitive, mental health and social) reviews
  • Environmental situational reviews, safety concerns, and conditions in the dwelling
  • Routine financial picture  including health insurance and eligibility for public programs
Based on our assessment, we provide your team with a comprehensive report on your client’s or needs, identifying risks as well as providing solutions to minimize those risks related to predatorial behavior or care-related concerns. We also offer plans in each area to minimize risk and to improve the ongoing situation.

What services are available through the  Boots on the Ground?

 Boots on the Ground is a comprehensive and customizable program for professionals to differentiate their services while “building the bond” with and caring for their clients or trust beneficiaries. The program offers a holistic approach with a range of supports from day-to-day activities to managing emergency situations.   Our expert team of advocates with extensive experience managing care-related concerns can manage your clients needs offering the following types of support:

  • We conduct an in-person Yearly Customized Assessment visit to assess needs and care, including a Care Plan around care and routine living concerns. (call us for a sample assessment)
  • Based on the needs of the client or your requests we can make periodic scheduled or unannounced visits to ensure the quality of life concerns.
  • Updated information in Datikor 2.0 that includes an updated photo of the client, a copy of our yearly assessment document, family dynamics, activity notes, and recommendations to improve quality of life.
  • Planned or impromptu Meetings with your team and family members
  • Caregiver Stress Assessment for Caregivers to ensure the quality of care providers
  • Cost Utilization Assessments can be provided for Special Needs Trusts
  • Automobile Assessments and Oversight of Trust own Automobiles
  • Caregiver Agreements and with oversight to keep paid Caregivers focused on the best interest of the client
  • Oversight for family or caregivers living in institution-owned properties
  • Routine Maintenance reviews and checklists for institution-owned properties.
  • Support with oversight of public programs, ie; Service Coordination and Health & Human Services Programs
  • Consulting Services and Visits as Needed
  • Concierge Services as needed

If you have questions about the Boots on the Ground Program or how we might help you support areas that fall outside of your area of expertise, call our office today at (855) 456-7972 for a complimentary consultation to learn more about us.

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