Boots On the Ground Program

Supporting Vulnerable Adults and Children with Special Needs on Behalf of Professional Fiduciaries and Trustees

As a professional fiduciary advisor or trustee, understanding how care and routine living concerns relate to a clients’ life can feel overwhelming and uncertain. Working as a fiduciary advisor is not just about managing money and approving expenditures; it’s about assuring the quality of life and acting in your client’s best interest. Your duties are distinct and demanding. Quantifying best interest and well-being is an important part of making decisions: However, how do you quantify well-being and define the quality of life for those you support?

What if you had a solution to quantify the quality of life and well-being and at the same time minimize crisis in your vulnerable client’s lives? Would it be helpful to have a way to guide and support your vulnerable clients and their families as they age or when you need to support an individual with disabilities or a child with special needs?

The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Boots On the Ground Program provides expertise, oversight, and resources to support you and your clients in care-related areas. Our program works to assess needs, review public programs, address medical and care-related concerns preemptively to avoid, or if need be, resolve the challenges in the event of a crisis.

The Boots On the Ground Program was designed to include routine visits by our highly skilled life management professionals with a yearly assessment. It includes short and long-term goals related to well-being and quality of life, creating significant added value and assurance to your client and your practice. The Boots On the Ground Program helps you position your firm as an organization focused on a holistic approach to creating dignity and quality of life for your clients.

How do the Boots On the Ground Program help support my clients?

The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Boots on the Ground Program provides routine visits and assistance with your clients to prevent medical or care-related concerns from becoming a full-blown crisis. At the same time, you remain focused on your important core responsibilities.  

Our first step is to get to know your client. A member of our Life Care Management Professional Staff will meet with them to conduct an assessment, listening to them to gain insight into their needs. The assessment focuses on:

  • Activities of daily living as well as instrumental activities of daily living and functional abilities
  • Medical, psychosocial (cognitive, mental health, and social), including support with public programs and addressing insurance concerns.
  • Environmental, situational reviews, including conditions of home safety and the option to include our Home Maintenance Program’s add-on benefit.
  • We can address routine financial areas that you might not already support, assist with budgets and make recommendations for financial expenditures to improve quality of life. We can act as Power of Attorney or Guardian as needed.

Based on our assessment process, we provide your team with a comprehensive report (including a photo) that outlines your client’s needs, identifies risks, and provides solutions to minimize risks related to predatorial behavior and improve life quality.

Are you interested in adding value to your practice providing your clients with the support they need to maintain their quality of life?

Take a moment to download the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Boots On the Ground Fact Sheet for more details on the program. To learn more about how the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Boots On the Ground can add significant value to your organization for your client’s welfare, call our office today at (855) 456-7972. 

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