Home Maintenance Program

The SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Home Maintenance is designed to:

  • Support the maintenance of one of your most significant assets.
  • Review and document routine maintenance through a comprehensive home maintenance checklist.
  • Change light bulbs and furnace filters, drain water heaters, add tree root chemicals to drains, etc.
  • Report to Individual, Power of Attorney/Guardians, Trustees, Financial Advisors or Family Members whoever oversees concerns that the checklist uncovers, working to address concerns as requested.
  • When requested, we can coordinate bids from contractors who do the more important things when needed.
  • Allow aging or disabled individuals to remain in a well-maintained life and home through the services of a trustworthy resource.

Supporting Individuals Living Independently as well as Trustees and Fiduciaries Managing Properties

As more people express their desire to stay in their homes, maintaining your home or property can become a challenge as they age in place. Keeping up with the outdoor care, gutters, appliance checks, and deep cleaning, to name a few, is an enormous job and one you may have little interest in or ability to perform on your own. However, routine maintenance is of the utmost importance to ensure you live in a safe environment and preserve the structural integrity and ultimate value of your property.   

To address this overwhelming need, the SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Home Maintenance has been developed to provide the true solution to ensure your property remains well cared for without you lifting a finger! This service is designed to support seniors, the disabled and help maintain trust or fiduciary-owned proprieties.

How Home Maintenance Works for You

The SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Home Maintenance enables you to pick the type and level of service you need. A reliable Home Maintenance Specialist comes to your home to assess routine areas of your home to assume the burden of your home maintenance. Here is how the service works:  

  •  Assessment: Our in-house Home Maintenance Specialist will make routine visits to the home as requested, performing our home maintenance checklist to address small areas of care within the home or property. The Home Maintenance Specialist will address small needs such as changing light bulbs, furnace filters, address things like running toilets and leaky faucets, and making recommendations for routine maintenance needs.  Our Home Maintenance Specialist will work with our clinical team to address safety concerns as it relates to rail bars in the bathroom, the installation of chair lifts, and other safety items.
Home maintenance program

We will work to obtain bids, coordinating with contractors for needed repairs, addressing lawn care and snow removal to keep the home well maintained. Our in-house Home Maintenance Specialist will document any maintenance concerns in writing and with photographs. We can work with your already established maintenance providers or if you don’t have an established provider we will find an appropriate contractor to complete larger routine tasks or projects.  Our in-house Home Maintenance Specialist will work as the liaison to address concerns as needed, documenting needs, gathering estimates, while assuring that projects are completed. 

  • Select the Frequency of Service: You can select the level of engagement you desire based on your needs. We have an extensive Home Maintenance checklist with a range of options which include:
      • Monthly Reviews – Checking gutters for blockage, changing filters, light bulb replacement. 
      • Quarterly Reviews – Inspection for drainage issues in showers, sinks, and basement, repair caulking. 
      • Semi-Annual Reviews – Deep cleaning windows, checking operation of heater, A/C, smoke detector, etc. weatherstripping, flush water heater, check for home hazards- door/window 
      • Yearly Reviews – Ensuring that pressure washing exterior of house and deck, check roofing, winterize outdoor faucets, deep clean carpets, chimney cleaning, check appliance operation.

  • Project Estimate and Management: Our Home Maintenance Specialist will also address bigger concerns as needed, gather estimates, and manage the work based on your direction and budget. 

Interested in having a Reliable Professional handle your Home Maintenance?

SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Home Maintenance takes all the hassle out of this process by managing it for you. Just tell us which services you would like from our long list of options and we will handle all the details. 

If you are interested in learning more about Aging in Place With a Plan or Home Maintenance, give us a call at (855) 456-7972

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