Solutions For Dignity Home Maintenance Program

As more people express their desire to stay in their home, aging in place, maintaining your home can become a challenge.  To address this overwhelming need, SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY –Home Maintenance Program has been developed to provide the true solution to insure your home is in good safe and well maintained condition without you lifting a finger!

Who This Program Supports

The Solutions for Dignity Home Maintenance Program supports our clients as they remain in a well-maintained home for as long as possible. We have researched and taken care to select only the most qualified and reliable certified resource to trust to enter your home and provide high quality work with a focus on your safety.

Quarterly or monthly home visits are available, with a Home Maintenance checklist that directs their work based on your needs.  From changing lightbulbs, heating and cooling filters, dryer vents, gutters, and downspouts to installing safety features such as handrails in the shower and much more. The Handyman will also address bigger concerns as needed to get estimates for projects for you at your request and support you through to oversight of the project if you desire.   This program is especially helpful in maintaining Trust-owned properties, or properties that are part of a real estate portfolio that is managed by a Wealth Advisor or Wealth Management Organization.  Maintaining a home helps to ensure the value and longevity of the property. 

Safety and security are at the core of the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY- Dignity Home Maintenance Program. Monitoring a senior’s residence for routine maintenance as well as identifying and addressing or unsafe housing conditions or structural integrity of their homes is the best way to ensure their safety and security. This program offers affordable Customized Quarterly & Monthly Service Packages, and additional add on services. We take all the hassle out of this process by managing it for you. Just tell us which services you would like from a long list of options, and we will handle all the details.

If you are interested in learning more about how to age in place with a plan or the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY – Dignity Home Maintenance Program, visit our website at or give us a call at (855) 456-7972.

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