Safety Net Program

The SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Safety Net Program is designed to:

  • Offer guidance and resources to prevent crisis and assist with transitions of care and hospitalizations.
  • Provide technology-based assistance to monitor and maintain communication, offering peace of mind to caregivers.
  • Support with Best Practices and Resources with vetted local resources. i.e. Home care, home health, hospice and other providers.
  • Support and guidance on transitions to minimize the risks of complicated situations becoming full-blown crises.

Supporting Individuals Living Independently

Safety Net Program senior using GrandCare touchscreen
Patient on telehealth appointment

Remaining independent is often the desire of many Seniors and Adults with Disabilities as well as Children with Special Needs. Trying to support that person in their desire, whether a family member from a distance or even across town, concerns about their safety and question their ability to manage on their own, are always there.

  • Did they get out of bed this morning?
  • Have they been in the kitchen for lunch?
  • Have they taken their medication?
  • Have they fallen in the shower?

These unanswered questions can cause a great deal of anxiety and stress for a caregiver.  Finding the right supports to make this possible is often a challenge.

SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Safety Net Program provides an innovation in care using technology and digital tools complimented by the expertise of our Life Care Management Team. The result is the ability to drive dramatic transformation in the lives of our clients and their familiesreducing unnecessary worries.

The Benefits of Technology and Life Care Management Expertise

 SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Safety Net Program supports an individual living independently through the delivery of a comprehensive solution utilizing state of art technology supported by experienced professionals. This unique program provides four specific benefits to those choosing to live independently.

Tracking and Monitoring for Peace of Mind

The Safety Net Program can track, communicate, remind, as well as provide peace of mind to caregivers through a large, easy-to-use touch screen device. Discrete activity sensors in critical areas of the home, track and monitor activity and you will always know if any of the customized checkpoints such as getting out of bed are missed.  The technology will also identify and remind them, you, and a Life Care Manager, if they have forgotten to take medication or if their blood pressure reading is too high or too low.

Social Connections to Avoid Isolation

The Safety Net Program can provide a vital social connection for individuals living alone. Isolation without contact and interaction with others can sometimes be a cause of depression for those living alone. But SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Safety Net Program provides an easy point of contact with others. Through the touch screen device, video calls with family are possible, sharing photos through Facebook as well as an ability to make HIPPA compliant video calls with your health provider. 

Care Coordination 

The Safety Net Program touchscreen device can help you coordinate care with other family members, your Life Care Manager and in-home care providers through care notes. The notes are captured and communicated to all designated caregivers so no one misses a thing.

 Professional Life Management Support 

The additional oversight of a SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Life Care Management Team provides a level of comfort through ongoing monitoring by experienced professionals. Based on an individual’s particular needs, our team is available for day-to-day support, consulted in an emergency as well as provide more guidance around an aging life care concern.  SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Life Care Management Staff include:

• RN Advocates

• Personal Needs Coordinators (Social Workers)

• Financial Advocates

• Concierge Service Providers

• Life Enhancement Specialists

• Managing Directors

Be sure to download the SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Safety Net Program fact sheet for more details on this important program. 

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SOLUTIONS for Dignity® Safety Net Program can help you live an independent life as long as possible.

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