Supporting Pre or Early Retirement Individuals

We all have a and unknown definition of what dignity means to each of us, but in our culture, our dignity can become compromised when we don’t consider what dignity means to us. Dignity is much more than what we look like, or how others see us. It’s where you want to live, how you want to be cared for,  how you are treated when you are in a situation that makes you vulnerable. There are some of the key questions to be answered and planned for to avoid crisis decision-making that may put your dignity at risk. As a result of seeing seniors in complicated crisis situations play out repeatedly year after year, client after client, the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY Planning for Dignity Program was created for those in pre and early retirement to proactively plan for aging.   We work proactively to define a person’s thoughts and vision for their future before a crisis literally forces their hand.  Through this process, the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITYPlanning for Dignity Program, help our clients have a plan as they age that addresses potential issues that may challenge their quality of life, independence, and dignity related to health, safety, and preventable emergencies.

What is the Planning for Dignity process?

We have designed the following three step process to understand your unique needs and desires, while at the same time, educating you on the implications and costs of your vision with the goal of delivering a proactive plan for your “golden years”.


STEP 1:   Personalized Assessment

As a first step, we begin with an assessment to understand your current situation from a financial, medical, and social perspective and your vision for the future. In the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY Planning for Dignity Program, we work with you complete our extensive Planning for Dignity survey. Your answers to the survey help you to determine your individual vision for aging and helps you take a realistic look at your vision while they are still healthy and well and able to make the good decisions. We help you understand what obstacles they might encounter in their care as it relates to their financial situation and estate planning goals.


STEP 2:   Aging Care Needs Education

Most people do not have a realistic view of long-term care, how they will age, or how they will pay for care they need as they age.  Through educational sessions and individual meetings, we encourage those we work with to take a proactive approach around care, not just from a financial perspective, but to really plan for Aging. The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY Planning for Dignity Program was designed to get the heart of how seniors envision their care as they age while they have time to plan and make decisions for themselves based on the best information possible.


STEP 3:    Proactive Aging Plan Development

After gathering and reviewing all this information, we meet with the client to talk through what they might realistically expect, mindful of their perspective and desires for the future.  We help them anticipate and plan proactively to avoid a crisis that may shatter their vision of their future. In this meeting, we come alongside their Financial Advisor and Estate Planning or Elder Law attorney, to create a plan for long term care and financial and estate planning together.

How does the Planning for Dignity Program work?


The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY-Planning for Dignity Program involves three interactive education sessions with client and/or their families:

First: Defining Dignity– Pre-Retirement Session 1 (3.5 hours of content)

  • Individual or couple planning meeting with advisors or legal representation
  • Review: Age in Place with a plan and Life Resource Questionnaire, if with couple talks about individual choices and collective decisions
  • Homework: What does Dignity mean to you?

Second: Defining Dignity– Pre-Retirement Session 2
(2.5 hours) 2-4 weeks after session 1

  • Planning Education: What is Long Term Care for Seniors & Families?
  • Five Wishes Program education
  • Complete Five Wishes Document for the living will.
  • How do you envision your golden years?

Third: Defining Dignity– Pre-Retirement Session 3 
(2.5 hours per meeting) 4-12 weeks after session 2

  • Review: What does Dignity mean to you? In-depth discussion related to a questionnaire about what dignity in aging means to them.
  • Schedule videotaping of the dignity discussion to preserve their legacy and their wishes for family and friends if the client desires. A beautiful tribute for the family to have to play at the funeral or to remember who you were after your passing.

The Value of Avoiding a Crisis

Preserving dignity for seniors and children with disabilities

Avoiding a health care crisis should be everyone’s goal.  Having the ability to plan is an invaluable way to prevent a crisis that can spin out of control quickly. A care-related crisis is expensive to resolve, and it limits independence and the quality of life of the seniors every day. SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITYPlanning for Dignity is a program where we help clients understand the care side of long-term care, and how they define Aging with Dignity for themselves. 

If you are interested in learning more about the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY Planning for Dignity Program, please contact us at (855) 456-7972, or send a message or ask your questions in the comments below and we will respond. We will help you find assistance in your local area to support you around this topic.

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