Planning for Dignity Program

Supporting Pre or Early Retirement Individuals

We all have a definition of what dignity means to each of us. It is much more than what we look like or how others see us. It’s about where you want to live, how you want to be cared for, the legacy you want for your life, and how you want your family and friends to remember you.  As we work through the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY program, seniors think about how they want to use their financial resources in a wiser, more deliberate, and cost-minimizing way that supports dignity and quality of life they age.

As a result of seeing this same crisis play out repeatedly year after year, client after client, the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Planning for Dignity Program was created for those in the pre, and early retirement phase of life proactively plan for aging. We work to define a person’s thoughts and vision for their future before a crisis literally forces their hand. Through the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Planning for Dignity Program, our clients create a plan for aging that addresses potential issues that may challenge their quality of life, independence, and dignity related to health, safety, and preventable emergencies.

What is the Planning for Dignity process?

We have designed the following three-step process to understand our clients’ unique needs and desires while at the same time educating them on the implications and costs of their vision to deliver a proactive plan for their “golden years.”

STEP 1:   Personalized Assessment

As a first step, we begin with an assessment to help seniors and their financial advisors understand their vision for aging and hash through any perceptions they might have as an aging couple or an individual. Our process explores unconscious ideas, medical conditions, and psychosocial elements of life that can impact dignity and quality of life from a financial, medical, and social perspective related to their vision for the future. In the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Planning for Dignity Program, we work with you to complete our extensive Planning for Dignity survey. Answers to the survey help determine an individual’s vision for aging and enable one to take a realistic look at their vision while still healthy and able to put plans in place to avoid a crisis, maintain dignity, and quality of life age. We educate clients on obstacles they might encounter in their care related to their financial situation and estate planning goals.

STEP 2:   Aging Care Needs Education

Most people do not have a realistic view of long-term care, how they will age, or how they will pay for the care they need as they age.  We encourage those we work with to take a proactive approach around care through educational sessions and individual meetings, not just from a financial perspective, but to really plan for Aging. The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Planning for DignityProgram was designed to get to the heart of how seniors envision their care as they age. At the same time, they have time to plan and make decisions for themselves based on the best information possible.

STEP 3:    Proactive Aging Plan Development

After gathering and reviewing all this information, we meet with the seniors to talk through what they might realistically expect, helping them be mindful of their perspective regarding leaving a legacy for their family. We walk them through the process to help them understand how they define dignity and quality of life. The process helps the senior anticipate and plan proactively to avoid a crisis that may shatter their future vision. In this program, we come alongside their Financial Advisor and Estate Planning or Elder Law attorney to create their individualized plan for long-term care, combined with financial and estate planning. If they are interested,  we work with them to create a legacy video to document their family-related vision of how they define dignity and quality of life for them as they age. The Legacy video helps seniors explore and document the meaningful elements of life and create a family heirloom after they have passed on.

Are you ready to take a proactive step toward your future?

Be sure to download SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Planning for Dignity Fact Sheet for more details on this important program.  

If you are interested in learning more about the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITYPlanning for Dignity Program, please contact us at  
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