Supporting those in a Senior Community or a Group Home

Senior living communities and group homes offer many essential services that meet the care and routine living needs of Seniors and Adults with disabilities. Adjustment to a new living situation can be difficult without assistance from someone outside the community to support them. Additionally, medical concerns that involve hospitalization, and transition to rehabilitation care, can leave individuals feeling particularly vulnerable when they do not have someone to advocate for them or help them through these complicated transitions. A gap exists!

How can the Preserving Dignity help address gaps in care?

The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Preserving Dignity Program is designed to help clients navigate unmet needs that would not otherwise be supported in Senior Living Communities or Group homes. When an individual’s care-related needs increase beyond the level of care that the Community offers, or when someone can no longer manage their financial areas of life, the situation can quickly begin to unravel. Through our assessment process, we create a customized plan to meet the individualized needs of every client we support such as:

Quality Care Planning

Our RN Patient Advocate creates and updates an annual care plan which outlines short- and long-term plans to improve the quality of life and preserve the dignity of those we serve.

Medical Treatment CoordinationOur team members work in collaboration with the care community, the individual’s medical treatment team, and family members.

Life Management Coordination
Legal and financial professionals work to address wants and needs around fiscal management that might otherwise go unmet.

Advocacy Support
Our team members from different disciplines make routine unannounced visits to the community to provide consistent interactions and support such as care planning, paying bills, addressing insurance questions as well as accompanying them for a trip outside their facility.

RN Advocates

  • Attend Care Conferences and make hospital visits when hospitalized
  • Coordinate and attend medical appointments within or outside the Community as needed.
  • Discharge Planning coordination after hospital visits.
  • Coordinate and recommend the best quality rehabilitation facility to meet personalized needs when a higher level of care may be needed as well as assisting with the transition.
  • Work with the Care Community to address Complex Care Needs
  • Act as Medical Power of Attorney when requested

Personal Needs Coordination

  • Routine Visits from a Personal Needs Coordinator, with backgrounds as a Social Worker or as a Mental Health Professional to help with adjustments, and participation in activities, as well as to encourage relationships with others or help with transitions.
  • Support in psychosocial areas (Social, Cognitive and Mental Health)
  • Support the RN Advocate or care community to resolve concerns.

Daily Money Management

  • Budgeting and Routine Bill Payment
  • Income Tax Completion Support
  • Medical billing issue management and insurance coverage review
  • Fiduciary services – including Durable Power of Attorney or Guardianship as requested.
  • Financial fraud issues

Concierge Services

  • Drop off and pick up errands (dry cleaning, library, shipping, etc.)
  • Grocery shopping or pick up or for delivery
  • Use of technology, training & support
  • Shopping for personal items and clothing
  • Walk and “taxi” pets to veterinarian or grooming appointments
  • Seasonal services— decorating for holidays

Life Enhancement Specialist

  • Dining out and entertainment companionship for those who can leave the care community
  • Encourage participation in leisure activities in and outside of the care community or group
  • Pursuing hobbies and interests not offered within the current living situation
  • Support with therapeutic or social outings designed to meet specific care plan goals

If you have questions about the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Preserving Dignity Program, call our office today at (855) 456-7972 for a complimentary consultation to learn more about us.

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