Solutions For Dignity – Aging at Home with a Plan 

Aging in Place is a growing lifestyle option for seniors approaching or beyond retirement age. Aging at home facilitates remaining in the home of your choice for as long as you as it is safe and affordable instead of relocating to a senior care or other medical facility. Aging in place has become possible because the services you need to live a secure and safe life are now available to you in your home. To successfully age in place requires planning and support.  In our work we often get calls about seniors who are in crisis and have lost their ability to live in their own home because they did not have plan for aging.  

Solutions For Dignity -Aging at Home with a Plan 

As you age, things change!  Preparing for the changes is the key to Aging at Home. Most seniors and individuals with disabilities are extremely passionate about staying in their home for as long as possible.  But wanting to do so requires a plan and planning is often  more complication than most people realize because they do not know how their needs might change. Not everyone ages in the same manner and what may be a safe living situation for one person may require additional supports for another. 

Over many years, we have worked with numerous clients to help them understand as well as prepare for aging.  We call is Aging in Place with a Plan.  Our Aging at Home program helps our clients work through an inventory of essential factors that determine a person’s ability to age in place including:

  • Health and Wellness Considerations
  • Finanical Goals
  • Transportation needs
  • Socialization 
  • Availability of family or other supports
  • Home Maintanence and housing safety and security 
Aging in Place with a Plan

As an example, one of ways we begin planning is to look at the functional status and any chronic health conditions, that you or your spouse might have. Our RN advocates have worked with many indiviuals with these health concerns and we know how these conditions could play out. As we begin working with you we offer you, insight into best practices that have helped clients with similar conditions  to manage their daily activies or take care of themselves. We also help our clients find the right medical providers or medications their conditions to improve their quality of life and enhance their dignity.  Through our planning process we look at your individual circumstances, as it relates to health and wellness, medial concerns, we complete cognitive and functional assessment through ongoing routine visits and involment in medical appointments making recommendations for and addressing medical, and care related as well as insurance concerns. We engage with legal and financial professions that you are already working with, or help you to find the right professionals for you if you don’t them  and recommend adjustments to the physical home such as an entry ramp or shower seats and bars provide a comprehensive solution to ensure your wellbeing, dignity, and ongoing safety at home.

Aging at home in place, stair chair lift

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