Aging in Place with a Plan Program

Supporting Individuals Living Independently

Aging in place is a growing lifestyle option for seniors approaching or beyond retirement age. The SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Aging in Place with a Plan Program facilitates remaining in the home of your choice for as long as it is safe and affordable instead of relocating to senior care or another medical facility. Aging in place has been made possible as services you need to live a secure and safe life are now available to you in your own home. To successfully age in place requires planning and support. In our work, we often get calls about seniors in crisis and have lost their ability to live in their own homes because they did not have a plan for aging.

How does Aging in Place with a Plan work?


As we age, things change! Preparing for the changes is the key to aging in place. Most seniors and individuals with disabilities are extremely passionate about staying in their homes as long as possible. But wanting to do so requires a plan, and planning is often hard for seniors because they do not know how their needs might change. Not everyone ages in the same manner, and what may be a safe living situation for one person may require additional supports for another.

Over many years, we have worked with numerous clients to help them understand and prepare for aging. We call this Aging in Place with a Plan. Our program helps clients work through an inventory of essential factors that determine a person’s ability to age in place, including:

• Personal financial status • Health and wellness considerations • Transportation needs • Socialization • Availability of family or other supports • Home and housing safety and security

As part of the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Aging in Place with a Plan Program, we review how someone can function in their home and look for ways to enhance functioning to keep individuals living safely and contently at home. Our expert staff evaluates and supports the following key areas, tapping our years of experience in assisting our clients in their wishes to age in place.

• Activities of daily living – Provide insight into best practices that have helped clients with similar conditions manage their daily activities and care for themselves. • Medical and medication support – Assess your needs, access the right medical provider, and monitor your medication plan. • Cognitive and functional assessments – Conduct ongoing routine visits and involvement in medical appointments to serve as an advocate to address medical and care-related issues and insurance concerns. • Partner with Legal and Financial professionals – Support your needs in these important areas to continue current relationships or recommend adjustment as needed. Home Safety Recommendations – Assess your physical home and recommend safety modifications such as ramps or shower seats as needed to provide a comprehensive solution ensuring your wellbeing, dignity, and ongoing safety at home

 In addition to the Aging in Place with a Plan ProgramSOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY offers two comprehensive and customized programs to access additional robust support systems to address your vision of the future and provide resources to make it a reality.

Safety Net Program 

The Safety Net Program combines IKOR’s Life Care Management Services with a technology-based offering to monitor and provide peace of mind to those living independently, as well as their caregivers.

Planning for Dignity Program 

 The Planning for Dignity Program helps clients define their vision for aging, understand their options based on their medical and financial circumstances and develop a comprehensive plan to deliver what good care looks like in their home for as long as possible. 

Aging at home in place, stair chair lift

Interested in remaining in your home independently for as long as possible?

If you have questions about the SOLUTIONS FOR DIGNITY, Aging in Place with a Plan Program, call our office today at (855) 456-7972.

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